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Biking on Appian Way

  • Cycling
  • 3/4 Hours
  • Private tour
  • Guide sharing


Biking on Appian Way

Biking on the Appian Way means relax.

This road where no cars are allowed - except for the few inhabitants of the farms around - runs in the middle of the countryside within a beautiful scenario of fields, ancient ruins, tall pine trees, and silence.

Suitable for all the family, this is the right way to recover after days of intense touring in Rome.

On the way, there will be many occasions to rest, to visit sites (Catacombs, Villa dei Quintili, Cecilia Metella, Villa di Massenzio, Roman Aqueducts, Ninfeo Egeria) and to eat/drink a quick lunch.

This our is the most versatile, it can be tailored after your family’s needs, please contact us to define all details.

What's included

The tour focus on Relax and Archeology. All our tours are in English. Additional languages can be provided on request.

  • The tour can lasts 3 to 4 hrs, biking and stopping on the itinerary.
  • Different kinds of bikes can be provided: Electric, Mtb, Road, ecc. Prices may vary.
  • History and visit to up to 3 sites chosen from the ones listed above.
  • Free headsets provided for groups larger than 6 people.
  • Guide sharing mode: maximum 9 people together (Private groups have no limit in number).
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