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Vatican Specials

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Vatican Specials

The Vatican offers of many special tours, all located inside the borders of Vatican State, both in Rome and in Castel Gandolfo.

Most of those special tours can be booked with a private guide, invited and provided by the administration of the Vatican Museum.

Vatican Necropolis and St. Peter’s Grave: The SCAVI tour takes small group to the heart of Christianity, the holiest place of all in Rome, there where Peter is buried, underneath the level of the floor of the Basilica. This tour is one important experience in everyone’s path of faith.

Vatican Necropolis of Via Trionfale: Modern escavations have reserched into the Vatican this large ancient pagan burial area, created on the sides of the road leading to the north off Rome.

Vatican Gardens: the famous Garden of the Vatican is a peaceful and intimate place to visit, so much tied to the lives and the personalities of modern and ancient popes. But this is a chance also to understand a little more about the City State and its functioning as a town of the 21th century.

Summer Residence of the Popes in Castel Gandolfo: Only open since a short time, the visit to the summer residence of the popes is a real new entry, one of the innovations wanted by Pope Francis. Here is still visible the amazing garden , with its old ruins from the roman age and fountains from Pius XI overlooking from the top of the hill to the valley down below, towards the distant Rome.

Sistine Chapel after closure: The Sistine Chapel just for you. This is today possible: after the closing time, when all regular visitors leave the Museum, the doors open just for you.

Patrons of the Vatican Museum: To become a Patron means to participate to one of the restoration programs of the Museum. As a Patron of the art, financers are welcomed to a special visit of the Museum, the Sistine Chapel, the Restorations Lab, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity, for all the family.

Bramante’s Snail Staircase, Cabinet of masks, Nichol V’s Chapel: those are rooms closed to the general visitors: they contain treasuries of marbles and frescoes, and the priceless privilege to walk the same entrance to the Vatican that was for centuries the one of the popes.

Vatican train to the summer residence of the Popes: Yes, the Vatican owns a train station inside the walls of the city, and, yes, they still operate cars on it ! It is a great way to travel from the Vatican to the summer Residence and back, complete with the visit of the Sistine Chapel, the Museum, the Vatican Gardens and the Villa

What's included

Please write to us for informations about availability, prices and schedules of those Vatican Specials: we’ll be happy to contact the administration and book your tickets for you.

  • No fee or charge we will apply on top of the cost required by the Vatican Museum.
  • Free headsets provided for groups larger than 6 people.
  • Guide sharing mode: maximum 9 people together (Private groups have no limit in number).
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