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Scary Rome

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Scary Rome

Born by the wolves, the Roman Empire wasn’t as cruel as the Dark Ages that followed its fall Medieval Tortures , Underground Graves and a Crypt built with bones .

On this horror tour we visit some of the most unusual and frightening sites of the city.

We start from Santo Stefano Rotondo, a church that hides atrocious paintings on its walls: like a sinister hall of fame of Martyrs, here are illustrated all the horrible ways the Romans used to torture and kill the Christians: cutting them in pieces, burning them with fire, boiling them in oil, using them to feed the lions, are just some of them.

Then we head to the Catacombs of Rome: multiple series of long and narrow tunnels excavated under the ground to bury people of Christian religion from the II century AD. Those tunnels run for many miles underneath the city level and are still decorated with graves and inspiring paintings.

If we have the chance we will also visit an ancient site of pagan graves, the mausoleums built above the ground on the Via Latina or Santa Costanza where on our request the doors of the graves will be open just for us... to let us enter in the other world.

The popular Crypt of Capuchin monks is the next chapter of this scary tour: a series of 4 rooms entirely built using bones from the monks in the '700. Once again, the desired effect that time ago was supposed to be decorative, is today blood chilling above the anything else.

And eventually, next by the Correction House of Renaissance Rome, we'll visit the dark Museum of Criminal Minds, where are on display some of the horrific practices in use by the official justice through the centuries : the Guillotine, the Virgin of Nuremberg, the Sword used for capital executions, and a series of portraits and skulls from the most famous criminals of all time in Rome

In total, this tour lasts for 3 hours, but on your request, it’s possible to cut some of the path, or add other sites, so to tailor up the tour upon your personal needs

Please note: taxi rides will be necessary to connect the various locations of the tour

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  • Guide sharing mode: maximum 9 people together (Private groups have no limit in number).
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Please note:This tour can be combined with: Undergound Rome.