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Fabolous Museums

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  • 4 Hours
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Fabolous Museums

There are about a dozen of fabulous museums in Rome: they keep within their walls real treasuries, and often they are hosted into historical and relevant buildings, which are a beauty themselves.

This new tour offers the chance to see up to 4 of them within the same day, ranging from Archeology to Renaissance and Modern Art, walking thru a selection of masterpieces that is only possible in Rome, where the richest National Museums of the Country are.

Within the same tour, accompanied by our experienced guides, you’ll find the best and hidden pieces of art in town, often away from the crowds of regular tourists led by big tour operators.

This tour is an island of peace floating above the busy streets of Rome: wandering from Raphael to Caravaggio, from quiet rooms of colored marble to Renaissance gardens enclosed within walls, you will feel that from the city you are taking only the best, leaving the rest to others.

Those are the Museums to choose from:

Musei Capitolini: Ancient pieces and Renaissance art, Caravaggio, the Temple of Jupiter. Possibly the first and oldest public museum of the world.

Centrale Montemartini: Ancient Marbles exhibit inside an dismissed Power Plant from the ‘20s. One of the best options of the city.

Palazzo Massimo: The largest and most exhaustive ancient roman exhibit of the city. Here all fields are covered , from ancient marbles to bronze statues to roman frescoes.

Museo delle Terme: A chance to see and witness personally the grandeur of an ancient baths building: you’ll think you had never realized how big, how tall, how wealthy those rooms were.

Villa Giulia Museo Nazionale Etrusco: Altogether it’s a beautiful garden of dreamlike fountains, it’s a Renaissance villa frescoed for a Pope, and it’s the most amazing collection of pre-roman art in town: elegant gold and terracotta works from the BC age.

Palazzo Barberini: Once the private collection of a single powerful family, today a public museum of national relevancy : among the celebrated canvases to find here are Raphael’s portrait of his beloved girlfriend, the terrifying Judith and melancholic Narcissus by Caravaggio, and the flamboyant baroque masterpiece of Cortona’s 600mq painted ceiling.

Museo delle mura.

Museo Ancien Art (Barracco).

Museo Napoleone.

What's included

All our tours focus on Art History and Archeology. All our tours are in English. Additional languages can be provided on request.

  • 4 hrs guided tour throughout the itinerary.
  • History and Visit to up to 4 fab museums chosen from the ones listed above.
  • Free headsets provided for groups larger than 6 people.
  • Guide sharing mode: maximum 9 people together (Private groups have no limit in number).
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