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Sistine Chapel & Vatican

Via Leone IV, Rome.
  • Historic Building
  • 3 Hours
  • Accessibility
  • Private tour
  • Guide sharing


Sistine chapel and Vatican

A visit to Rome would not be complete without a tour of the Vatican: properly an independent City-State within the city of Rome. For its role in the Western Culture, its fame has no need to speak, and for the Masters that were involved in its creation its art works are possibly the most prestigious in Europe. The Vatican museum was open since 1506, and nowadays over 5 million people walk every year into the Sistine Chapel and its close-by Museums, spread over 9 miles and across hundreds of rooms. The stories and the meaning of the Vatican collection ranges from art history to pagan religion, and from archeology to the Christian revelation. A literally overwhelming experience.

Your private guide will meet you outside the Vatican city walls, and together you’ll cross the boundaries to access the State of the popes, Michelangelo’s frescoes, the Gallery of Maps and Tapestries, the Roman and Greek pieces, and eventually the superb masterpieces in Raphael’s Rooms where the School of Athens is regarded as being the highest peak ever reached by Renaissance, and its crying end at the same time

On all sides, the serene gardens of the Vatican host the official residence of the Pope, graceful Renaissance buildings and a fairy tale yet densely real atmosphere.

Straight from the Sistine Chapel we grant you special access to skip the long lines to enter St. Peter’s Basilica, and our tour will continue there, where we’ll meet the protagonist of Baroque age, G.L. Bernini and his art works created for the holy see, as well as the intimate statue of Mary called the Pietà, first and immortal work by Michelangelo.

St Peter’s Basilica is one true masterpiece of Renaissance and Baroque, its engineering and grandeur leaves breathless every visitor, and it’s at the same time the world’s most important Catholic church, built upon Peter’s grave and guarded at all times by the loyal Swiss Guard.

What's included

All our tours focus on art history , religion and archeology. All our tours are provide in English. Additional languages can be provided on request. For groups bigger than 6 people we provide free headsets to listen to your guide’s voice All our tours grant:

  • Skip-the-line entrance at scheduled time.
  • 3 hrs guided tour for all rooms and sites.
  • Free headsets provided for groups larger than 6 people.
  • Guide sharing mode: maximum 9 people together (Private groups have no limit in number)

History and visit of the Sistine Chapel and its frescoes, focusing on masterpieces by:

  • Michelangelo, Botticelli and Perugino.

History and visit of the Vatican Museums, focusing on :

  • The Courtyard of Pine cone, the Belvedere Cabinet, the Octagonal Courtyard, the Gallery of Animals, the Hall of Muses, the Round shaped room, and the Greek Cross room.
  • The Gallery of Candle Holders , the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps.
  • The Raphael’s Rooms, focusing on the School of Athens.

We grant direct access to St Peter’s Basilica straight from the Sistine Chapel :

  • History and visit of Saint Peter’s Basilica.
  • History and visit of Saint Peter’s Square.
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Tuesday 09.00 - 17.30
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Thursday 09.00 - 17.30
Friday 09.00 - 17.30
Saturday 09.00 - 17.30
Sunday Closed
Last Admission 15.00
Please note: there might be changes in the scheduled opening time, depending on the needs of the Holy See


  1. By Frank Bale| 25 March 2016

    I lived a few months in rome with my family last year and I was evolved within 3 tours , all on different companies :
    this one with Francesco was the best no doubt He was funny during the breaks, although the tour was very in-depth, so informative, I can still remember lots of things he told us He actually works for the Vatican Museum as as one of their internal official guides, that's way he s so prepared and why he can use the electronic screens of the Museum where he can click and enlarge the pictures : this was the best way to see the Sistine Chapel from close and enjoy every detail

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